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Little G turns 5

Is it just me or does turning five seem like a bit of a milestone. Certainly feels that way to me. My gorgeous little G is not so little anymore... Last week she turned 5. I know that there are plenty of milestone birthdays out there, but for some reason turning five feels a bit like a big girl milestone. She was so excited about her birthday photo shoot and couldn't wait to get out there into it. G has found a love for photography. Just like mum and I am quietly loving it. We have been out scouting locations for weeks and after a tip off from a friend I found the perfect place. Not my usual style of shoots, but Gracie loved it. It's her style. And I definitely had fun creating it and I just love how it has turned out. After a week of rainy cold weather I jumped at the chance for a bit of sunshine in the last 24 hours, racing out to catch that warm afternoon sun before it get too cool. This time of year the sunshine can bring you the warmest feeling with the most beautiful soft light.


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