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A Friendship Captured - to treasure for a lifetime

It's been a little quiet on the social media seen here lately. There's just a bit going on behind the scenes... Buuut I couldn't help but share something special. This is a little concept I am working towards and would love to hear your feedback. The story and inspiration behind it.... These girls were just about to embark on their first day of school and I wanted to treat them to a super special morning tea full of fun, all things girly and yummy 'sometimes' food. (For anyone that has had their child at kindergarten, they will understand the 'sometimes' food).

They have a special friendship, that I also wanted to capture for them. Why is their friendship so special? Well, they formed it. They got to know each other and they formed a bond. There was no help to create it, it was all them. (ok, yep I am getting a little emotional just writing this, but I kinda think that's pretty huge)!

So this last week, they are off to new beginnings and adventures of school, who knows what the future will hold for them. They may stay life long friends and they will find new friends as they grow. But they will always have this memory of their kinder friends and it brings me such heartfelt joy that I could capture this tiny part of it for them.

Good luck and happy memories to the next chapter gorgeous girls x


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