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The forgotten ones

Sometimes I forget to tell her how thankful I am for her. I know I don't tell her I love her as much as I should. My mum, their Nanny....

Today, I thought I would venture out onto the beach in Ocean Gove for a session with my mum. Just like I do with so many others, I wanted to capture my kiddies and their Nanny together, having fun and just as they are.

About a month ago I photographed a family with gorgeous grandkiddies, mum and dad and grandma and grandpa, oh and the family dog. The session melted my heart and as I worked through the images I was brought to tears by the emotion and meaning behind it.

It got me thinking about my own family. Ones that I see often and ones that I don't. They hold a special place in my heart and altought I don't really show it, I was reminded this week just how much I have grown to appreciate my mum and my kiddie's grandparents. Someone, I guess I used to take for granted.

My mum, their nanny has strong family values. She is always there for us. A shoulder to cry on, if we need some guidance or advise or just to hide away from the world, she's there. If we need a swift kick back into reality or just a cold beer or glass of wine, she's there. With eight grandkiddies whom she absolutely adores she's there at their concerts, grandparents days, easter parades, football games. You name it.

The kiddies absolutely love her hugs, I'm so glad they can just melt away in her arms feel save and loved like nothing else in the world matters.

As a photographer I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to do what I do. To have the privilidge to be invited into my clients personal lives and capture them as they are is an honour and a prividge and something I never take for granted.

A picture can tell a story, show an emotion, make our heart skip a beat or just be something that we look back on and smile. A price can not be put on a memory and that is why I wanted to create and capture these memories of the most important people in my life.

Sometimes you do get caught up in your day to day life and just forget to stop and appreciate the loved ones that are around you.

Mum & Danny (Nanny & Poppy), thank you for always being there, for the Christmas jingles, for poppies treats, for the Wednesday night dinners and for just taking care of us and our families.

And Mum, I PROMISE I will print these ones for you xx

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