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A day in the life of us... A personal project

Just in case you don't feel like reading, skim to the pics.......

I have been wanting to do one of these projects for a while. Let's face it I am hopeless at completing a photo a day projects, but this one I saw as a bit of a challenge to think outside the square and to put some new skills to practice.

This project is perfect for what I needed to accomplish in my current photography journey. Flash photography, white balance, low lighting etc (yep, that's the photog geek in me).

After years of not liking flash photography, or should I say not liking the images I produced when using flash and just being plain afraid or blaming not having enough time to learn to use one. I have taken the plunge and bought one. This is the time where I eat my words. Thank you to my fellow photogs who have so patiently answered all of my questions about flash photography and convinced me to not be afraid. I am now converted. Knowledge and practice, practice, practice is the key!

So today, started at 6:30am. A non sleep in day. My little guy is obsessed with anything super heros and ninja turtles. For those that have seen me on the way to school this past week will be nodding their heads going "uh huh".. So here is a snippet of our day.

Peanut Butter and Sprinkles on muffins for breakfast, such a healthy start..... I love my baby girl when she gets up in the morning, she looks gorgeous as ever. The dog that is super frightened of the flash going off he would not leave the back door. The boy falling asleep just as you turn the ignition off in the car at school pick up (yes I carried him sound asleep to school and back). Netsetgo, little G usually loves Thursday's because of netsetgo, just not today. The husby with his new prized possesion. Seriously! It doesn't suit the decor, but the money went to a really good cause and it's now hanging in the kiddie's playroom....

Nightfall brings more superheroes, skipping, a new found joy and bedtime. Yes if you look closely enough, there is a superhero in that bed...

This is our day. Not overly exciting today, but after a crazy few weeks, I wouldn't have it any other way! xx

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