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One special little guy

There is something about becoming a parent. Your heart aches a little more, you love so much more than you ever thought possible and you give so much of yourself to this one little person. You all become a team, a strong unit, a family....

I drove down the highway from my seaside town of Ocean Grove for this beautiful family's photography session. As it turned out I had the best company for the trip. My ever supportive husband. While he coffeed in the city I went for a visit with these guys.

The setting was just perfect and I was warmly welcomed into their home to meet their little guy.

Throughout the session I was constantly reminded of how life changes when you become a parent. I remember that feeling and it warmed my heart as I spent the next few hours with this beautiful family. The excitement, emotion and joy that a little human can bring into your life is beyond words and I was so grateful to be able to capture a few moments of this handsome little guy with the cutest smile and his very proud parents.

This is their story xx

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