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Little Adventures - Barwon Heads

These two little guys, my oh my how much they have grown. You kinda forget how quickly time flies by. I last photographed these gorgeous boys when the littlest one was only a few months old. Now, he's almost 2 years old! Crazy how time flies.

I met their gorgeous Mumma when she entered a competition I had running with Mum's who love brunch a few years ago. So I was a little excited to hear from her for a follow up session by the beach.

We explored, dug holes, found seashells and pretty much just played along the beach. Oh and did a spot of fishing in the Barwon Heads River Although I think the only thing we caught in the end was some seaweed! Hehe, still it was fun and the boys loved it. I have a sneaky feeling they'll be heading out with Dad for more fishing adventures in the future ;)

This is just a little look at their story xx

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