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And then I booked a session

So many questions....

The outfit choices, what do I do with my hair? Will I look huge in my photos? What about the baby belly that just appears out of no where? What outfit will compliment me? What will I do with my hair? I have bad posture, how can I not show this in my photos. What colours to wear? What suits, what doesn't?. What do I want to do with my photos once I have them?

All these questions ran through my mind in the past month or so as I planned for our anniversary photo shoot. Oh oh and must tell husby that I had booked us in for a photoshoot. (Which I did do two days before our session)whoops.

I had planned in my mind for the past few years that this would be the perfect way to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. I wasn't a huge fan of our wedding photos. It was the most perfect day, but I'd cringe at my posture and that fringe Gah!!! And I was just a few kilos heavier.. But back then, I didn't care. As long as I was with Ad, that was all that mattered. Don't get me wrong, I still smile at our pics. Because it's us and just how we jell.

Fast forward 10 years, we have grown so much, we have achieved so much together and we are still as close as ever. My heart still skips a beat when I see him and I feel like a piece of me is missing when he is not around.

Life gets so hectic and busy that you can get stuck in a routine of work, kids and you forget to have time for you and time with your partner. I once had someone very wise say to me, "make the effort to spend time with each other", she made sure I not only heard it, but I took it all in. For that I am forever grateful.

After sheduling in our session with the lovely Vanessa from Vanessa Smith Photography and Design, I nearly cancelled it a zillion times. We were too busy, I can't find an outfit. Maybe I'm just silly booking us in. Even a few days before I thought about cancelling because we were having such a crazy week.

But then, I had told a few of my dearest friends what I had planned and I knew they would slap me if I cancelled. So I kept our booking.

The gorgeous Lisa from Von Ruby tackled my crazy hair and worked her magic to produce these gorgeous curls. And she also made me feel a little more glam with my make over.

Post make over, I headed home to change, to be greeted with a comment from my little man of "Mum why are you wearing stuff on your eyes"? Bless a four year old and their honesty.

Throwing a change of outfit option in the car, we headed off to meet Vanessa. It was a warm night and such a perfect place to spend an hour just relaxing and enjoying being just us. (Although it did take me at least half an hour to wind down). During this time all I kept thinking was, my posture is crap, can you see my baby belly. Does this maxi make me look huge.

Fast forward to yesterday, being back into routine of business, paying bills, life, school, kinder and kids we've barely had a moment to sit down and have a conversation with each other. And admittedly it was a pretty tough day for us yesterday....

Then our gallery appeared and my mind set of having a crappy day changed to one of gratitude. I think I have looked through our gallery a 100 times and just smile at what I see. It's not just a photo of Ad and I, it's our memories. Our moments together and who we are as a team, a partnership. It brings to the forefront what is important in life. And that we have each other, no matter what. The other stuff, is just trivial.

So here, I'm sharing a few of my favourties.

I guess that one of the reasons that I am sharing this with you all is to see a part of me. Yes, I'm a photographer, but I'm also a Mum, a wife and a friend. I have the same thoughts run through my head as you guys.

I get that life gets crazy and sometimes you don't always stop to breath. And the idea of booking in a photo session to capture the now seems all too hard, but reality is, once you do it you will always have your memories there in front of you, to look at and be reminded of what's important.

For me, I feel more connected than ever with my rock, my best friend and my soul mate. These photos remind me of this and I have Vanessa to thank for capturing these moments for us and to Lisa for making me look fab.

And now for our next ten years xx

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