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All the ages matter - Albury/Wodonga Family Photographer

Remember those little Pixie Photo nooks they used to have in the Target Stores or the Shopping Centres? Are they the last time your kiddies were photographed? Have you blinked and suddenly 10 years have gone by? I mean, what is that about?

We photograph our kiddies a lot when they are little, the first tooth, the first steps. We even record their movements into a baby book. But what happens when they finish Primary School or about to venture into the last few years of their Secondary School life. Somehow that time between the kindergarten photo and their yearly school photo, time has just flown by. And over that time your relationships with your children change.

It becomes more about being a family; your group; your tribe and you lean on each other. Somewhere along the way that little baby face looking up at you covered in yoghurt is now looking up at you for different reasons, but you still see your baby in there somewhere.

There is something magical about photographing and documenting your family in their teens. They are changing. Their personality is starting to shine through in a different way and they know what they like and don't like. So why do we not seem to photograph them as much at this age? Maybe it's time.... Between the swimming lessons, after school activities, hangouts, homework and work... Life gets busy.

As you look around your house right now, what are the photos you see of your family. Are they still in that puffy cute pixie photo outfit or that awkward school photo? Is there a photo with you in it? Are they photographed together? How do you feel when you look at those photos, those memories. Now think about the last time you really saw their true selves, how do you want to remember them at this age, with you, just being together.

The idea of approaching the subject of family photos with your older kiddies might seem a little awkward, but it can be done and you will be so pleased you did. And I'm here to guide you and help you along the way. "I got your back" 😊


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