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When baby girl becomes tween.....

"Mum, can I see the pictures that you put on Instagram and Facebook of me before you post them". It's something I have been weary of for a while now. She is establishing herself as her own person and sometimes I forget that.

Whilst she will always be my baby girl, I admit that sometimes I probably treat her a little more grown up that what she actually is. And maybe being the oldest I expect a little more from her too.

I love this age, we can sit and have conversations together, head out for coffee and hot chocolate dates and watch the world go by. She tells me about her hopes and dreams and when she has had a tough day at school and what makes me smile. I feel like the tween years are a new chapter of motherhood.

But then..... Every now and then my little girl creeps back. The one that believes in magic, that loves to spins around in her dress and watches it twirl.

Last week we headed out to Barwon Heads for a stroll and she was desperate to wear the dollcake dress I had just received.

That next hour I watched her spin and float around like nothing else mattered. And just like that, time stood still. As I stood there and watched I couldn't help but clear my mind too. Something so simple and timeless that will never seem to date no matter how old they are.

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