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Is this the age lost in between? - Wodonga Children's Photographer

9..... Just on the cusp of entering the "tween years"

It can be an awkward time, the middle years of being a "kid" Not quite tween, but not a little kid.

I have watched such a big change in my little guy in the last 12 months it's crazy. The memories this year have been popping up in all of my social pages of when he started school, finished kinder, he's first day at Auskick, his first lost tooth, but this age there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of milestones to be captured, and truth be told it can be a little forgotten. But, when you stop to see what's in front of you and really spend the time to get to know your kiddies, it's a beautiful age. They start to lose a little bit of that baby face, their big teeth are growing and tend to be a little gappy. They're trying to find their place in the world. What they like, what they don't. Football, Tennis or Cub Scouts, Bayblades, reading, craft? What Football team they support and who is influencing that. (I remember my brother going through that phase of changing football teams regularly). They are starting to listen and pay attention to what is going on around them.

This month, we celebrated my little guy (or not) turning 9 and I wanted to include some of the things he loved to be photographed with him. He still likes to participate in imaginary play, but not too much or not when he thinks people are watching, he still loves to read and I hope that never changes.

When he grows up to be an adult, he may not remember all the things he loved, but when he looks back through these photos he will remember how they made him feel.


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