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Feel your family connection ~ Wodonga Family Photographer

It's been a while since I have blogged a family session. I know, I know, my feeds have been so full of lots of photos of my kiddies, but that was the goal last year considering I missed so much in 2019. It occurred to me when I went to make a calendar for the Grandparents in our lives that there were about 5 months worth of photos that were missing!!! So in amongst the homeschooling of 2020 there were a lot of snaps of my children's journey. And wow, so much changed in that one year! This year... 2021, here's hoping for a bit more balance of your family connection, your child, your celebration and maybe a little bit of mine thrown in there too.

With the very few family sessions that did happen last year, this one was taken way back at the very start of 2020. Before we knew the big change our world was about to experience. Before we really understood what it was like to stop, to homeschool, to watch each other grow, to see ourselves and our loved ones handle situations that really were beyond our control and to do this on a daily basis.

As 2021 begins, I feel it's a new beginning. A new beginning with increased knowledge of our experiences from the year before. For me, it has reignited that spark, that burning passion and desire to capture your family connection. But this isn't just for me. This is for you, for you to take time out with your family. Celebrate your connection, pride and love for YOUR family. To come together and create something magical. You know, kind of like thoughts in your head that you then say out loud in conversation and share. Your family connection needs to be shared, spoken out loud and captured. Captured for you to feel the warmth and security of your loved ones and most of all printed! Printed, displayed on your walls for you to see while your watching tv or to be displayed on your hall table to greet you when you first walk in the door after a long day, or saved on your phone so you can revisit whenever you want or where ever you want/need a moment of comfort.

As we head into almost the middle of the second month of 2021, what will you do to celebrate and feel that family connection. I think it's even time for me to celebrate my own family connection.

In the meantime, I'll share this family session in one of my favourite spaces in Wodonga from early 2020. Enjoy!


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